Our Process

Maybe it’s time for a different approach to retirement planning…

Step One: Discovery

Our initial meeting is a relaxed conversation where we visit and get to know one another. The focus is on what your specific needs and desires are, what your vision of retirement is, and to see if we’re a good fit. If we are both comfortable moving forward, we will give you a Discovery Workbook to complete and submit prior to the next step.

Step Two: Clarification

Once we receive your completed Discovery Workbook, we will load your information into our software. When you come into the office, we will go through all the information with you step-by-step to make sure we understand what you have and you understand what you have. We will also discuss your goals and what you want your money to do for you. This is an important step in our process because we believe your personal input is just as important as the numbers you provide us.

Step Three: Strategy

In this step, we present the results of our analysis which will show risk vs reward, so you can determine whether the reward is worth the risk you are taking with your money. It will also reveal what your current costs are so you can determine whether you are receiving value for your money. We then present our recommendations for establishing a foundation of guaranteed retirement income and a smart, simple, protected investment strategy custom designed to meet your specific and unique needs. We educate you on all of our recommendations to make sure you understand everything. If you are comfortable proceeding, we begin the process.

Step Four: Implementation

Your investment strategy has been implemented. Our highly skilled staff stays in constant contact with you, keeping you informed throughout the process, which can take several weeks. Our goal is to make this process quick, easy, and comfortable for you.

Step Five: Completion

This is where the financial part of your plan is complete, and we now look at other areas, such as estate planning, that our team of professionals has determined may need to be addressed in order to make your retirement plan whole. We can bring our team members to the table, or we will be happy to work with your existing professionals in these areas.

Step Six: Reviewing and Making Adjustments

Our clients’ accounts are monitored to make sure they continue to perform as they are intended. If we become aware that a client’s circumstances have changed, or the markets start shifting and adjustments are needed, we quickly take care of it. We conduct regular, ongoing reviews with our clients to determine whether any part of their retirement plan needs fine-tuning, and we make adjustments accordingly. This ensures your Retirement Plan is always up-to-date and doing what it is supposed to do.

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